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Monday, February 1, 2010

Worldwake Draft Saturday the 13th

Okay...I'm trying to get Google's Countdown Clock thing to work, but to no avail.

So my first official blog post will have to do!

We're hosting a Worldwake Booster Draft February 13th around 11:30 AM. The admission price is $9; that gets you 3 Worldwake Booster Packs and puts a little bit away for a prize split of 1-2 booster packs.

Let me explain how our drafts work, as I believe it works out better encouraging good decks rather than hoarding.

Most of the time, the draft works like normal: We open one pack, take a card, and pass the cards to the left for the first pack. Then after we use up all 15 cards we open a second pack and repeat the process, this time to the right. Third pack's the same, but back to the left.

Here's where we're a bit different.

When you open a pack, write down any Rares or Foils you open. Then pick as normal. Do this for all 3 packs. Write down only what YOU opened.

Our prize support comes from using the Rares and Foils we opened from the packs. At the end of the tournament, we'll gather all the Rares and Foils together (along with any booster splits we do) and we'll pick the cards we want, one at a time in order of our finish.

So why did you write down your Rares/Foils if they're just going into the prize pool?

The first go-around on the prize pool, we'll ask if you had a card  you wanted to keep out. If you did, that's considered your first pick. We go through until we get through everyone. The bonus to not picking one of your cards: You get first dibs on anything that's left. Once everyone has 1 card, we go back to the finishing order and pick from there.

As normal, you keep any Commons and Uncommons you draft.

I feel that not letting you keep every Rare and Foil you draft helps the quality of the decks and helps everyone who plays preserve at least some of their entry fee. It's been a smash hit for everyone who's tried it, so if it ain't broke I ain't fixin' it! :)

I know one of your other questions if you're reading this is "Okay...WHERE IS IT?" I'd be wondering that myself, honestly. (Who wrote this crappy blog, anyway? :p  )   I'll get that information up later tonight or sometime tomorrow. We're one week plus a few days out, so I don't feel in a rush to NEED to get that up. Besides, we're brand-new so I'm going to be adding stuff as time goes on so just be patient. :)

We hope to see anyone who's interested show up for this draft. It looks like a good set with some good, Constructed-worthy cards worth getting. And for $9, you can't beat it...no matter how well you do! :)

 EDIT: I forgot to mention how we'll run the rounds. We do 30-minute rounds, best 2 out of 3. After the first round, we have a winner's bracket and a loser's bracket, so everyone's guaranteed 2 matches. Winners keep going for the top half positions, losers the bottom half. From there, it's single-elimination.

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