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Monday, February 22, 2010

New Feature: The Magic School

We all know how complicated a game of Magic can get. We've got the basic rules, the Comprehensive Rules, Card Set FAQs that can modify the Comprehensive Rules, errata that changes how a card works, M10-style rules changes that affect the game on a massive scale...it's a ton to keep up with.

Which is why I'm going to start a new feature here that hopefully everyone can learn from.

On Wednesdays or sooner, I'm going to start The Magic School. The Magic School will bring together a few interesting rules questions from either situations that came up at SMM or questions I've read online and answer them using the Comprehensive Rules, various set FAQs, or maybe even just a refresher of the basic rules in some cases.

I hope to get the premiere edition set up and ready for Wednesday. Please comment on it and help me make it interesting, getting questions you want answered, or anything else you think will help the section.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you'll stop by Wednesday for the first edition of The Magic School!

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