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Monday, February 8, 2010

Potential Pack Problems with Worldwake

I'm seeing a few posts on Twitter and MTGSalvation.com about Worldwake boxes coming with packs that don't have a Rare in them.

1) Do NOT change the layout of the cards in the pack.
2) Save the packaging and the cards that came in them.
3) Take a picture ASAP.
4) Contact Wizards of the Coast (WotC) Customer Service.
5) Hold onto that pack until Customer Service tells you what to do.

Should this happen during our Draft, I will replace the packs until you get one that has everything it should have in it. I'll then do all the paperwork to get the pack(s) replaced.

I've got 3 boxes coming in, so we'll have plenty of Worldwake available no matter how much you want (well...not more than 3 boxes' worth anyway. :p  ).

We hope to see you Saturday for the Worldwake draft!

PS: I forgot to mention in the previous blog...the draft is 3x Worldwake packs.

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