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Monday, February 22, 2010

No Updates...At Least, Not Yet

I said I'd update on the Pro Tour before the weekend's out.

...Not too much luck there.

I do have some quick recaps I'll expand on throughout the week.

1) Luis Scott-Vargas (affectionately also known simply as LSV) was 17-0 with his new Naya deck combined with a strong ZEN-ZEN-WWK draft showing before being beat by Jund in the Semifinals. LSV set a new record for most consecutive match wins; the previous record was 14-0 before that player lost in the Quarterfinals of Pro Tour - Tokyo (not too sure of names and dates/events, but I do remember the record being 14-0).

2) Jund won....again. I mean, how much skill does it take to win with Putrid Leach, Bloodbraid Elf, Bituminous Blast, and Lightning Bolt, plus the new manlands Raging Ravine and Lavaclaw Reaches?

3) Stoneforge Mystic, which I talked about just a couple posts down? Remember I said it was $1.50 - $2 each before Pro Tour - San Diego? And that it went up to $4-$5? Try $8-$10!! If you stocked up before Friday, you made huge money!

4) Jace, the Persuasion Master seems to be stuck in a rut. 3 copies in the Top 8 at last weekend's Grand Prix (Extended format), 3 copies in the Top 8 at last weekend's PTQ (Legacy), and as I was hoping Gabriel Nassif and his buddies would Top 8 at Pro Tour - San Diego we still ended up with only 3 Neo-Jace in the Top 8. And one Legacy side event at the Pro Tour? 3 Neo-Jaces in the Top 8. *sigh* At some point, good ol' fashioned Control will be back at the top, and this Jace will shine in the Pro Tour limelight. I tell ya what, though...at least it's a good rut to be in.

That's the quick update for everyone! As I get to watch the Top 8 video I'll post more impressions. Until then, hope you have a good day and catch you later! I hope you've enjoyed this so far.

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