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We're a local unofficial Magic gathering group in Hixson, TN.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Welcome to Our New Blog!

Hello world!

We're the Church Games League of Hixson. We're a small group of Magic: The Gathering players in Hixson, TN who meet up every Saturday and enjoy the game we all love to enjoy together. Every few weeks we hold tournaments using both traditional and not-so-traditional formats...and have a blast running them!

This blog is an attempt to hopefully get the word out about our place, and maybe give our current locals a central place to check for updates and post a few ideas themselves.

This blog is BRAND NEW (less than 20 minutes old as of my typing this), so it's VERY barren at the moment. Bare with me as I get things going.

If you're interested in our little group just from this post, put up a comment or E-mail me (if that option's available. I don't know that it is; this is my very first blog so be patient! :)  ).

We look forward to sharing our stuff with you and hopefully at some point seeing you around here!

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