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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cube Draft Report...3 Weeks In the Making

Our group had our first Cube Draft nearly 3 weeks ago, but school and other business has prevented me from putting together a report...until now.

We didn't use the whole Cube. I'd say less than half the cards we started with remained unused. We did 3 packs each of 20 cards per pack with a turnout of 4 people. (So think about that...with more people, more cards get used...just saying...  ;)  ). We upped the minimum deck size to 60 since we had 15 more cards go around than in normal drafts.

We based our Cube around Evan Erwin's list on CubeDrafting.com. My budget doesn't allow us to use Power 9 or some of the higher-end cards (dollar-wise), but I've stretched a bit for the betterment of the Cube power level. :)

See what happened...after the Jump!

I did make 3 changes: 1 foil Lone Wolf (Tiffanie's a wolf fanatic, so I wanted a fun, powerful Wolf she loves to run in her Wolf deck) and 1 foil Jhessian Zombies (if you didn't read the Commander report, I suggest you do so. You'll see why. :)  ).

And of those two, just guess which one got into our Draft rotation?

MickZombies, anyone?

The first round is written from my experience only. The second "round" is the final match, but I got video of it so you can view it yourself. I may try dubbing over it and providing a shorter version later, but for now you get the whole thing!

ROUND 1: Mick (R/W Burn/Aggro) vs. Preston (Esper Control)
Game 1 was all about me bouncing stuff and getting in for small hits at a time, all while Mick drops stuff, attacks, burns, and re-plays his bounced cards. The entire game went on like this...well, except for one very familiar play thanks to a very unorthodox draft pick...

What do you get when you make fun of Jhessian Zombies? PWNED...at least, for that turn. :p

That land ended up turning the tide for me fairly quickly, mana-wise. If memory serves, it let me cast a Cryptic Command to get some bounce action going and make it a single-digit difference in life...

Until the end of the game. I'm at 8 life, Mick's at 7. I've got a Palinchron I was able to bounce back after Rout tried to destroy it. Another turn or two and I've got this, right? Mick drops a land, taps out, and casts the only thing that would draw the game...

Molten Mutual Disaster, it should have read.

Game 2 I don't remember much. I do remember getting a hand I didn't want but I had to try. After time was called and another 5 turns, I couldn't get any damage through and lost. :(

So with that behind, I grabbed my camera and recorded...

ROUND 2/THE FINALS: Mick (R/W Beatdown/Burn) vs. Wayne (G/W Beatdown)
Instead of typing commentary, I decided to post the videos of the final game on YouTube. You can see all 3 parts below:

I hope you enjoyed that report!

It's my plan to record 1 match per round of each tournament weekend and to report on my matches if they're not on camera.

I welcome all feedback on this endeavor! If you've got any suggestions, comments, complaints, whatever, comment either here (preferable) or on YouTube on each part's link.

Until I get to the Rise of the Eldrazi Draft videos, take care! And I hope we see you soon. :)



  1. I just viewed the viewer information on YouTube. I can see where in the world our videos have been seen.

    Part 1 of Part 1 of the Cube Draft (the first video of 3 here) has been seen in (West to East, starting in Alaska):
    VENEZUELA! (Southern-most record!)
    Tennessee (DUH! lol.)
    FRANCE! (Eastern-most record!)

    Granted, it's only 1-2 people/times per area, but I won't complain. That's about 25 or so more people who know about us than before. :)

  2. that's right . . . SQUIRRELS !!!

  3. LOL! I actually sold Wayne on Deranged Hermit after that...LITERALLY! I sold him a Deranged Hermit after he got to use its Morph ability to swarm and win the game.

    Cube Draft = good inspiration. ;)