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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Preview of "Wayne's CRAZY WORLD Tournament" (June 26th)

I got an E-mail today about Wayne's format rules and stuff for June 26th, and he wanted to preview what (craziness) he had in mind for it...

that will include , among other things  -  use of unhinged/unglued cards . . . planechase . . . weird "house" rules . . . DOUGHNUTS ! . . . (probably) singleton . . . (probably) vintage or legacy . . . (maybe) multi-player . . . (probably)with funny hats again . . . all-in-all a VERY serious somber affair !!!    ( & still looking for help finding some kind of random time setter like we talked about )      -      so will fill in more details as i get them figured out . . .

Ya see? I told ya we're a very casual crowd! Wanna see just how crazy things can get? Join us on that Saturday, June 26th!


PS: Does anyone have a random alarm/countdown generator, or could program one somehow? Just respond as a comment. Thanks!!!

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