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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Magic Product News: New M11 Booster and Intro Pack Images

I hope this finds you all well!

In the last few weeks, Wizards of the Coast set up announcements on their homepage announcing new products and some specifics of previously disclosed products.

But first, we get a peek at the new Core Set 2011 Booster Pack and Intro Pack packaging...after the jump!

First up...Core Set 2011, or M11, booster packs! I like to keep card images to box products (Intro Packs, for example) and single cards, so I'll just direct you to the Magic Arcana article with the pack images: Magic 2011 Boosters

It looks like we might get a Paladin reprint (see the first booster pack)? Whether it'd be Northern Paladin or Southern Paladin, if it's a Paladin, I don't know. What do you all think? The rest seem like new cards, so I guess we'll just see in June and July as preview articles hit their homepage. :)

As for the pictures I wanted in here, let's see the revamped Intro Packs!

First, the U/W deck, Power of Prophecy!

Featuring: Conundrum Sphinx

It looks totally different than normal, doesn't it? Well, here's what I saw, anyway...

1) The 2011 Core Set Logo. :p
1) (Seriously this time) They've apparently abandoned the Planeswalker symbol (the 5-peak symbol used on Planechase die to "Planeswalk")
2) No deck names! The only way I know the deck name for this and the other 4 Intro Packs is by the Arcana featuring them.
3) Look at the top-left corner, left of the display hanger hole. They're starting to identify the colors of each deck! I'd guess the order goes higher concentration to lower concentration, so this is mostly a Blue deck with a White splash.
4) Look at the very bottom. I see the 5 colors of Magic, with the deck's colors highlighted in their own color.
5) (And probably most importantly) These theme decks are back to 60 cards!!!  Yep! It's been that way on Magic Online for a few sets, but they've just simply added more Commons and a few Uncommons of what's already in the decks and basic lands to get them up to 60. Magic 2011 will be "paper" 's first 60-card theme decks since Intro Packs took over for themed pre-constructed decks in Shards of Alara nearly 2 years ago. It's about time, I say! That's been what's held me up from most Intro Packs, the fact that you can't play with the deck out of the box (even with the included booster!). This'll fix it and give some customization options with the included booster. Nice call Wizards!  :)

So I'll quit teasing you and give you the other decks' pictures. Enjoy!

Blades of Victory, featuring Angelic Arbiter

Reign of Vampirism, featuring Captivating Vampire

Breath of Fire, featuring Ancient Hellkite

Stampede of Beasts, featuring Overwhelming Stampede

Unlike M10, none of the cover cards are reprints. M10 had Shivan Dragon and Nightmare were cover cards for the M10 Red and Black intro decks, and they were both reprints. This time, none (on the cover, anyway).

As a final note, look at the Stampede of Beasts deck real closely. Notice Overwhelming Stampede doesn't have any creature types? The rumor is that, based on the name and vague description of what Overwhelming Stampede does, Overrun will be replaced by Overwhelming Stampede. How big a change it is over Overrun, however, is yet to be seen.

We've got a little more than a month and a half left until Magic 2011 releases (July 16th), so sit back and enjoy the Rumor Season, as we seem to have started Rumor Season fairly early for Magic 2011.  :)

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