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Friday, May 7, 2010

Vintage Proxy Tournament Rules REPOST: Tournament 5/15

Hello again!

  This is a repost of the Vintage Proxy Tournament Rules from last month. We had a weekend where no one was able to make the tournament date, so we rescheduled for May 15th.

Our next tournament, coming up a week from tomorrow, is Vintage format with Proxies!!!

We've never done a Vintage tournament where the Power 9 have been available, so here are the rules we're using:

1) Follow the Vintage Restricted List found here: Wizards of the Coast Official Vintage Restricted List

2) You are allowed up to 9 (Nine) proxy cards. For those unfamiliar with the term, it's one card used to stand in for another. For example, if you're using a Plains and you write "Black Lotus" on it, you're signifying you're using that card as a Black Lotus.
    * Proxies can take most any form. They can be as simple as Basic Lands with the intended card's name written on it (along with most all information, abbreviated of course for room), or they can go as high as full-color printouts used in a sleeve over another card.
    *What you cannot use as Proxies: non-Magic cards (you can't say a Hitmonchan from the Pokemon card game is really a Goblin Lackey), singleton cards whose only purpose is a proxy for another card but with no identifiable information for the card really being used (for example, a lone Mountain being used as a Mox Ruby with no writing signifying it's a Mox Ruby).

3) As a courtesy, we ask that you not build any FTK (First-Turn Kill)/FAST Kill decks. FTK decks will just get you hated and make you feel unwelcome in our crowd. We do like to play the game, but not a whole match inside of 10 minutes due to your wicked 1- or 2-turn combo. However, since there's no way to enforce a "no FTK decks" rule, I can't make this a hard-and-fast rule.

4) Contrary to the original rules post, Rise of the Eldrazi will be legal for this tournament. My issue then was the availability of Rise of the Eldrazi cards for our decks, but since it'll be out for a few weeks at the time of the tournament I think we're good to go with using them.

5) Entry Fee and Prize: $2 entry fee, prize split of as many Rise of the Eldrazi packs as we can get for the total entry fee.

To see some recommendations on what to proxy, see the bottom half of the original post here: http://cglhixson.blogspot.com/2010/04/next-weeks-tournament-424-vintage-with.html

This upcoming weekend is a Casual Weekend, so if there's something fun you've been wanting to try feel free to bring it!

Until then, everyone take care, and we hope to see you soon!  :)

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