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Monday, May 31, 2010

June Schedule Updated: 2 Tournaments

5th: Casual Day
12th: Cube Draft #2
19th: Casual Day
26th: Wayne's Crazy World Tournament

June 12th is our second Cube Draft! I've got some new cards from Worldwake and Rise of the Eldrazi, a few new foils and foreign-language cards, and even a few new classic card additions too! With that, though, means cards having to come out and make room for the Cube noobs. :(  I'll post preview pictures of the additions and removals later in the week. Feel free to comment on it all!  Entry fee will be $2, and prizes will consist of Rise of the Eldrazi prize pack splits.

June 26th is Wayne's Crazy World Tournament! There's only one rule in Crazy World: Just about everything is completely random and/or crazy! We're talking random timers, random decks, crazy Unglued and Unhinged shenanigans, just about everything! I'll have the rules as soon as Wayne can get around to getting me the information. Entry fee is $2, with prizes coming from Rise of the Eldrazi boosters.

If I can remember, I'll have my camera at each tournament so I can get videos of all the action! The Round 1, Part 1 video of the Rise of the Eldrazi draft got 100 views! With enough effort, maybe we can get 1 or 2 new guys in via YouTube?? Let's hope!

Take care!

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