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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

BREAKING: M11 Only Has TWO Cards Printed in Every Core Set

As of Magic 2010, Magic had 8 cards that had survived every Core Set since Alpha.

As of Magic 2011, that field will be whittled down to a full two cards.

What was able to contend for longest-running card in the Core Set?

Air Elemental
Bog Wraith
Drudge Skeletons
Giant Growth
Giant Spider
Howling Mine
Rod of Ruin

Go ahead and take your guesses as to the two survivors from all the way back to Alpha, then find the results...do I have to say this after all this time?...after the jump!

I'll give ya a hint...they're the 4th and 5th cards on the list of 8.

Welcome the only two always-Standard-legal cards in the game...

Yep. Would you have believed anyone in 1993 who elected Giant Growth and Giant Spider as "most likely to succeed by being reprinted in every Core Set"?  I understand Giant Growth, but...Giant Spider?? Really? I guess the standards for the other cards have been overwritten by new cards or more recent R&D plans.

So what do you think? Did any of the other 8 deserve to be here? Would you have a completely different Top 2? Comment!

Until then, catch you all later!

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