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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

M11 Previews in Archenemy Decks

As promised, I'm here today with the Magic 2011 Core Set preview cards found in the Archenemy decks in a few weeks.

First off, Chandra gets to rage a bit in the Scorch the World with Dragonfire R/G deck...

I think we're seeing Searing Blaze-type burn become somewhat popular with R&D. You know, the kind that deals damage to both a creature and that creature's controller? I like it from that perspective; not only do you usually destroy a creature, but at the same time you get to burn your opponent for a bit. Budget burn will love this, and I wouldn't be surprised to see this in Mono-Red after Shards of Alara rotates.

Next up, Bring About the Undead brings about a cheap, nigh-unkillable Skeleton...

So 1B to get out initially...then 1B to keep getting him back! I can see those "Sacrifice [this] unless you sacrifice a creature" effects becoming easier to pay (and play) as they could now effectively read "Sacrifice [this] unless you pay 1B."  I'm kind of surprised there's no other downside, but I guess only getting a 1/1 tapped after you use the effect is downside enough (or so we're supposed to think...  >:)  ).

Third up! Assemble the Doomsday Machine brings us a luck-based card-drawing artifact...

So it's possible you're wasting 2 mana on nothing...or it could be a mana sink at the end of your opponent's turn when you have nothing better to do: if it hits, you draw 3 cards, and if it doesn't, well, you weren't going to use that mana anyway so what's the harm? If Tezzeret the Seeker gets reprinted in Magic 2011, I wouldn't doubt Sorcerer's Strongbox seeing some play (though I think it'd only be as a 1-of, maybe 2-of, and maybe then only in the rough builds as Standard testing starts).

And finally...the card that may single-handedly tip off that Baneslayer Angel might be in M11 (and found in the Trample Civilization Underfoot deck)...

Baneslayer Angel is usually the creature most decks seem to worry about. It's out of Bituminous Blast range, Bogardan Hellkite can';t damage her, and the whole internet knows that Halo Hunter was a cruel joke (being a Demon with "Destroy target Angel"). But Green now may have a chance...*ahem*if Baneslayer Angel gets reprinted, that is.  ;)

So these aren't the best of M11, but then again, neither were Whiplash Trap and Beast Hunt (though Kor Sanctifiers has seen some play and Hideous End isn't exactly hideous itself.).

Archenemy releases June 18th. Each deck comes with 8 Rares (and especially for the Assemble the Doomsday Machine deck, they're not half bad Rares either!) and some decent Common/Uncommon reprints, so think about picking up a deck or two for the value of cards you get.

Until later, take care!

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