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Friday, June 11, 2010

Cube Draft On Hold?

I've got a bit of a dilema on my hands.

I've got 4 regular players, and anyone else who comes in is a nice extra surprise (and we hope they become regulars. ;)  ).

...But 3 of those players have already informed me that they may not be able to make it. One person definitely can't, as she's out of town. The other two are questionable.

  It's a general rule that I won't run a 3-person tournament unless all there agree to it. We've done it a couple times before; we'd set up each "match" as a 3-way game and winner gets 3 points, 2nd gets 2, and last gets 1. The person with the most points at the end wins.

  And it's doubtful I'll even have 3 people at this point.

  I'll post on Twitter and see if that helps get any responses. But I'm not optimistic.  :(

  If we have to reschedule...here's the tentative schedule:

 19th: Regularly-scheduled casual day.
 26th: Cube Draft instead of "Wayne's Crazy World" tournament.

 3rd: Regularly-scheduled casual day.
 10th: "Wayne's Crazy World" or head to Organized Play in Knoxville to play in their M11 Pre-release.
 17th: Casual Day.
 24th: "Wayne's Crazy World" if it gets pushed from the 10th OR our own M11 booster draft if we don't go to Organized Play for their Pre-Release
 31st: Casual Day

What I may do tomorrow if I only have 1-2 other people is show how the Cube Draft works. Not do a draft for prizes or anything, just a sample draft to get them used to the idea.

So we'll play it by ear, but don't be surprised if we re-schedule. Sorry to anyone for whom this causes an inconvenience.

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