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Monday, June 14, 2010

M11 Pre-Release and Release Promos

Hey guys!

Today Wizards of the Coast previewed the M11 Pre-Release and Release promo cards. And I've gotta say, the pre-release one looks outstanding! Let me give you a small preview: What if you could take one of the cheapest Planeswalkers that died earlier in the game and could return it directly to play...and get a decent creature out of the deal?

Find out what it and the Release card are...after the jump!

(All images come from today's (6/14) Arcana article on the official Magic site.)

As Wizards of the Cost gears up for its second Core Set using the "new + reprint" scheme, they decided to show us the Pre-Release and Release promos we can get in less than a months' time.

First off, a white card that combines the best of White's limited reanimation with a decent-sized creature:

FINALLY a decent Giant! It's a 6/6 for 6 with Vigilance, so of course he'll always be able to attack and block.

But that's not what makes this Mythic Rare.

Look at its second ability. And I mean really read it.

First, when it enters the battlefield, you get any permanent with converted mana cost 3 or less. Yes, permanent, not creature. Just think of the 3-mana-or-less permanents you'd like to get back: Jace Beleren no longer has to stay dead once your opponent kills it; Naturalized Oblivion Rings can re-remove a troublesom permanent; Vampire Hexmage can go after a second/third/fourth/possibly fifth Planeswalker or Leveler; a Tectonic Edge to take care of that pesky recurring Halimar Depths...Not bad for 6 mana.

But there's another bit too: "Whenever Sun Titan enters the battlefield or attacks..." If you could give it Haste pretty easily, there's two permanents back for 6 mana, making back your investment pretty easily if you return 3-mana permanents.

The Release Promo, to be honest, isn't near as hot. In fact, it's the Red/Green M11 Precon's holographic Rare, so it won't be worth anything. Still, you might like the effect if you're into Dragons.

So I'll admit this: If you got up to 7 permanent Red mana sources to cast Ancient Hellkite, there's no reason you can't use his activated ability to wipe out a board of fliers (or get them close to death for when they block).

But the thing about fatties is, well, we like to cheat them in. That usually requires non-Red sources (probably Green), which means unless you exclusively use Taiga, Kazandu Refuge, and other dual lands to get Red and the ramp color you won't have 7 Red mana for the ability.

It doesn't have Haste, so you can't save up enough mana to cast it and use its ability and the same turn unless you're able to give it Haste pretty easily.

And the second ability requires you to attack. That usually means your opponent has one turn to take it out. But it's not like your opponent will have cheap means of removing him. :p

I mean, it could be a fun casual card in an environment with little to no removal. Maybe then it'll be good in draft and/or sealed deck. But there are too many ways to destroy or bounce it in normal Constructed magic to consider casting this even in casual.

So there we have it! Your M11 Pre-Release and Release cards. What do you think? Too powerful for Sun Titan? Am I underestimating Ancient Hellkite on the causal level? Feel free to leave a comment!

Until later, take care! :)

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