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Friday, June 4, 2010

More Magic 2011 Previews!

I hope you're ready for the first official onslaught of M11 preview cards!

While I'll mostly be featuring reprints and summaries of why these certain cards made it in (and some of which didn't get asked back from M10), I do have one new card to preview.

See the results...after the jump!

(most card images come from the "Core Samples" article on the WotC Magic homepage. The Japanese new card comes from the MTGSalvation forums)

What's Returning??

As with Magic 2010 (M10), Magic 2011 (M11) will feature a mix of new and reprint cards. Some of these reprints are old favorites, while others will continue on in Standard from M10 for another year.

First off, let's go with the most anticipated potential reprint, Baneslayer Angel. Folks, dim the lights and cue the music because here we go!


Baneslayer Angel...you've received mixed reviews from competitors and casual players and R&D during your tenure in Magic. R&D loves that you're the new iconic Angel in Magic, possibly replacing Serra Angel in that regard. Tournament players love your first striking lifelinking evasiveness, strong muscles, and fat behind. However, your critics say you started the trend of making tournament play too expensive, reaching upwards of $50 during your first year. Some have even called for you to not be reprinted, while others want you reprinted to cut costs.

Baneslayer Angel...R&D has voted...and you...are...



Next up!...Mold Adder! Take the center of the stage please...


Mold Adder...you were created to be a green sideboard card against Blue and Black. At 1 mana and potentially limitless potential for growth, you had potential to join the ranks of Celestial Purge and Flashfreeze as green's choice sideboard card. But players didn't play with you and probably didn't like that you were an indirect threat; if you got too big, Doom Blade or any kind of removal could deal with you. You could even be chumpblocked all day long.

Mold Adder...R&D voted....and you...are...


Out of M11.

Next season promises to bring another anti-Blue and anti-Black green card that might see play in Green sideboards, so we'll see how far that new card makes it next year.

UP NEXT...We'll break from results to bring you a new contender for next year. We give you a brand-new black Vampire...CAPTIVATING VAMPIRE!

Let's see if we can't clean up the translation a bit for you:

Captivating Vampire
Creature - Vampire
Other Vampires you control get +1/+1.
Tap five untapped Vampires you control: Gain control of target creatures. It becomes a Vampire in addition to its other types.

THIS is a strong non-flying Vampire folks! Notice you don't need 5 other Vampires to gain control, so you really just need Captivating Vampire and 4 others. As cheap as Vampires are to drop (most in the 2- to 3-mana range anymore), at least in casual this may not be a bad choice in place of Vampire Nocturnus if he gets eliminated this year.

BACK TO THE RESULTS...Lightning Bolt, take center stage...Folks, dim the lights and cue the music!


Lightning Bolt...R&D was worried about your power level in Standard. At 1 mana for 3 damage, you're the most efficient burn spell with no drawbacks. R&D wondered if that would turn the tide and red would dominate Standard and/or Extended. But players have other options for efficient spells in general. Lightning Bolt only showed up in Jund and mono-Red, and once Rise of the Eldrazi hit its influence was far less reaching.

Lightning Bolt...R&D has voted...and you...are...


And now we're down to 7, only one of which will stick around. So let's get all 7 to center stage!

Divination, Essence Scatter, Twincast, and Planar Cleansing...as we're running short on time, the results are in...and none of you are returning for another year. This means Twincast, as much as we've enjoyed your copying abilities the last 3 years, you're done in Standard for a year. Planar Cleansing, we believe your expensive cost kept you from being heavily adopted, especially in the wake of having Day of Judgment be the Wrath of God replacement. Essence Scatter and Divination, we'll learn more about your removals later down the line.

We're down to 3! Shivan Dragon, Dragonskull Summit, and Open the Vaults move quickly to center stage!

Shivan Dragon...you've only been out of one Core Set in your entire lifetime. At 6 mana for a 5/5 flier with potential for growth, you've been outdone in White and Black by cheaper, more efficient fliers, especially one of our safe cards this year. But R&D recognizes you as an iconic card of Magic's history. Did R&D choose to keep you for one more year, or are you too outdated to last?

Dragonskull Summit...You've filled the roll of easy-to-use Dual Land well. You don't require life payments or returning cards to your hand. R&D loves you, and the players like having cheaper Duals. Your big problem is you don't allow Turn 1 spells to be cast. Did that restriction keep you out of M11?

Open the Vaults...you're a powerful tool, especially for Esper's artifact theme. You've worked well with Time Sieve to allow multiple extra turns, and recently you've gone Sieve-less in an update to your look. But R&D feels your usefulness may be at an end, and players wonder if you'd be too good with Shards of Mirrodin, presumably an artifact-themed block, coming out soon.

R&D has voted...and the last card SAFE in Standard for another year...IS....



Dragonskull Summit (and its ilk by extension)!!!  Shivan Dragon and Open the Vaults, your time in Standard has come to an end, and for Open the Vaults a very quick end.

Congrats to our winners! We look forward to another year of casting 3-damage spells and fattie Angels. Until next time, Seacoast out!

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