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Monday, June 14, 2010

Idea for July 10th: M11 Pre-Release at Organized Play?

UPDATED June 17th below all this information. 

As you may remember, Organized Play in Knoxville (link in the title of this post) helped us out with Rise of the Eldrazi Pre-Release and Release promos for our ROE "Release" Draft the week after the set came out.

They're also helping us with Wayne's "Crazy World" tournament by sending a couple Mirrored Depths Planechase Planar Cards and sold us a Tazeem and Horizon Boughs promo Planar cards.

To help pay them back, I was hoping you'd be open to the idea of going to Organized Play for the M11 Pre-Release.

I'll get details soon, but what I do know is it's July 10th. I think the format is Sealed Deck, but I'm not 100% sure.

Need an extra incentive? Once you see the Pre-Release foil promo, maybe you'll be convinced to go:

(I previewed the card below this post, just FYI. ;)  )

I'd personally love to go to the Pre-Release, especially with such a good card being handed out. And it's something different for us; we stick to the Hixson area so much it'd be nice to get out and play somewhere else, even if it's just for a day. And it'd give us another place to advertise; there may be others from Hixson/Chattanooga/surrounding areas who would love a more local place to play for more casual gaming.

At the same time, it is a two-hour drive (roughly), and they open at 11 AM so we'd need to leave before 9 AM that day to get there before they open (to give ourselves the best chance at entering and getting the promo). And I don't know the cost, but if it's Sealed it'll probably be $15-$20 in one hit.

But I want your thoughts. So E-mail me (Defiant359@comcast.net, Subject: "M11 Pre-Release") or leave a comment here.

Give this careful thought. I think it'll be fun: brand-new set, brand-new store, and hopefully we can make some contacts in the area who can help advertise for us!

UPDATE June 17th: The main Pre-Release event is at 7PM. It's Sealed Deck, 6 packs and a Sun Titan promo for $25. It's 4 rounds, and your prizes depends on how you do during those 4 rounds:

2-2: 1 M11 Pack
3-1: 3 M11 Packs
3-0-1 (3 wins, 0 losses, 1 tie): 7 M11 Packs
4-0 (undefeated): TEN M11 packs!

They'll also do side Draft events all day for $15. I don't think Sun Titan promos are given out with these events, but they award packs on a 4-3-2-2 basis: 4 packs to the winner, 3 to 2nd, and 2 packs each to 3rd and 4th places.

Our problem will be time. If we go for the main event and want to do the whole tournament, assuming a 50-minute round so we'll round up to an hour plus at least 30 minutes for deck-building and deck registration, a 4-round tournament will take until nearly midnight to finish (at earliest). That puts most of us getting back into town at 2 AM, and Wayne to 3 AM at the earliest.

I'll hold off on my feelings about this, but feel free to respond in the Comments section or E-mail me.

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