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Saturday, June 26, 2010

M11 Preview Weekend! Includes a Near-Reprint of a Power 9 Card

You read the headline correctly. One of the cards in Magic 2011 is a near-reprint of an old Power 9 card.

While you're pondering which Power 9 card it might be, let's take a look at a few others...AFTER THE JUMP!

(Pictures come from assorted blogs and websites. I'll credit them as I go)

First off, though, a Common reprint that most assuredly will help revive Blue as the color of choice in Standard (credit to mulldrifting.blogspot.com):

So if you can't get Counterspell and don't want to return a land for Deprive , this may be your best two-mana non-restrictive counterspell.

For those who hate these kinds of counterspells, though, let me tip you off on something: This is great early in the game as your opponent probably won't have 3 spare mana as they're casting their early spells, and late game that 3 mana they spend on your Mana Leak could keep them from casting something to help them or activating an ability that would have sealed the game. And if you can put two of these against one spell that you really want gone, they've got to come up with 6 spare mana or they lose their spell. So if you've been against using Mana Leak, hopefully this helps tip your scales in favor of using it.

Also keep in mind that because of the new Extended rotation policy Mana Leak leaves Extended July 1st with Ninth Edition...only to rejoin the format in 15 days thanks to Magic 2011 and stay another 3-4 years.

And with the new art, I know I want a playset of this version...even though I have Mana Leaks almost out the wazoo!

How about something a little less blue, shall we?

How do you kill Blightning's advantages? You can go with the still-fairly-new Vengevine (because if you're playing Vengevine, I'd wager to say you can cast two creatures in a turn), and/or you can go with the next M11 preview card (credit to StarCityGames.com):

So you Blightning this and what happens to Blightning? It goes from "Opponent discards 2 cards and takes 3 damage" to "Opponent gains 1 life, discards a card, and puts a 4/4 Beast onto the battlefield." Better yet would be a Blightning hitting two of these Baloths. Blightning, beware of Green decks now!

Even just by itself, it's not bad. It's a 4/4 for 4 mana that gains you 4 life on entering the battlefield. Right on curve for Power/Toughness compared to cost and gains life? Yeah, not too shabby in general.

And finally,  here's your near-reprint of a Power 9 card (credit to StarCityGames.com):

If you guessed the Power 9 "reprint" was Timetwister, give yourselves a pat on the back! Yes, neo-Timetwister gets a higher casting cost and gets exiled as it resolves to delay any replay shenanigans to make it more fair compared to its Power 9 counterpart.

Honestly, almost any effect that says "draw 7" is kind of a big deal. At the very least, it triggers Underworld Dreams for 7 damage. And with all the Dredge/"Dredge" and Reanimator decks running around nowadays, letting Blue get a way to shuffle graveyards back into libraries is extremely beneficial, even if it means they get a fresh hand of 7 new cards.

And so what if it gets exiled? You've got ways to get it back so it can be reused. (At least, for the couple months they're legal in Extended)

That's all I have that's super exciting for today. I'll try to get more previews up over the weekend.

Take care!

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