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Friday, April 2, 2010

Cube Rules! Tournament 4/10/10

Hey guys!
  We've got the Cube Draft coming up next week, so I figured it was time to finalize the rules for the draft.

EDIT (4/4): End-of-Match Procedure modified to say "if you're at the end of a match due to time being called..." This was always intended but got left out.

Cube Rules: Tournament Procedure

1. Each person will receive 3 "packs" of cards. Each "pack" will be 20 random cards picked from my collection in no certain rarity scheme.

2. We will draft as normal: First "pack" you'll pick 1 card and send the rest of the pack to your left, second "pack" to the right, third to the left.

3. After we have all our cards, we'll have 40 minutes to build a 60-card minimum deck (counting basic lands). (This is different from normal drafts where you need a 40-card minimum)

4. Stay in the building.   If cards go missing, I want to be able to track everyone down quickly and easily to make sure you didn't misplace it while packing up (for example).

5. We'll do a Swiss-style tournament: Each player will have the chance to play each opponent once. 3 points to the match winner, 1 point for a tie, 0 points for losing a match.

6. TIEBREAKERS: Keep track of your total life at the end of each game. If we need a tiebreaker, we'll go based on whoever had the highest total life points remaining throughout the tournament.

7. END OF MATCH PROCEDURE (CHANGE): For at least this tournament, I want to try this end-of-match procedure: If you're at the end of a match due to time being called and the game is still going, finish the turn, then play an additional 5 total turns (this counts yours and your opponent's turns, along with any extra turns that are created).
    EXAMPLE 1: If you're in the middle of your turn when time is called, continue through your turn, then here is the 5-turn order: Opponent, You, Opponent, You, Opponent.
   EXAMPLE 2: Let's say you can create two extra turns with Time Warp and Time Walk*. It's the end of time, and you're in your normal current turn after you had just cast Time Warp and Time Walk. The 5-turn order after you finish your current turn is: You (Time Walk's turn), You (Time Warp's turn), Opponent, You, Opponent.

I'll be honest. Along with the cards I already had, I've put a ton of extra investment into this format and my collection. So I ask a few basic rules be followed:

1. Do not bend my cards. Please find a way to shuffle without bending the cards. When I do a rifle shuffle, for example, I do my best to keep the cards straight (even though it doesn't lead to the best shuffle). I've got 1 $100+ card, a few $50+ cards, and some decent foils that I'd like to preserve as much as possible.

2. Do not steal my cards. This should need no explanation. :p

3. Do not de-sleeve my cards. They're sleeved for a reason.

4. Enjoy playing with some of the most powerful cards in the game I could get ahold of...some in foil, no less! :D

Other Details
1. Entry fee is $2.
2. Prizes will come from a Worldwake pack split.
3. Even though this is a draft, our normal "pick one card from the pack and keep it" rule does not apply. This is my collection of cards, which means they're not up for grabs as prizes.

I'll post some pictures next week of the cards you may get to play with next Saturday.

Until then, we hope to see you for the Cube Draft!

*NOTE: I do not have a Time Walk (one of thoser uber-expensive Power 9 cards). I used this just for illustration.

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