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Sunday, April 4, 2010

More Eldrazi Previews, Because MOAR!!!! Part 2

Alright! We're back on track with our remaining 3 spoilers for this go-around. Our hints?

*An Elf that gives all your Elves the ability to produce mana?
*A Totem enchantment that can help Control decks? also, Mick's love of Bears pays off.
*A Planeswalker that can become a creature?

All this...AFTER THE JUMP!

(The same picture credits as last post stand.)

THE HINT: An Elf that gives all your Elves the ability to produce mana?

 Like Elves needed another helper...

Joraga starts as a simple 1/1 for 1 mana....which then turns into a 1/2 that produces 2 mana...which later turns into a 1/4 that lets all Elves you control produce 2 mana!

Let's be real here. You're never going to use Treespeaker as an attacker without some help. No, what you'll use it for primarily is mana ramping (producing more mana than you normally should be able to), Eldrazi spell decks (which are insanely mana-intensive), and creating an insane Elf attack deck.

Seems like a certain Worldwake Elf was made just for this:

THE HINT: A Totem enchantment that can help Control decks? also, Mick's love of Bears pays off.


 So for 4 mana, you get:
*Save your creature from destruction once.
*Untap your lands when you attack.

Hmm...gee...nope. Not seeing the upside. :p

In all honesty, I think this could help out U/G control decks. They normally don't want to attack, but if it means casting spells and having mana for your turn to cast counterspells, then why wouldn't you try this? Plus, it protects your creature from destruction once so you're not gambling much by attaching this to a creature who's able to attack.

Or just in a pure Green Aggro deck, this could not only help out your attack but also allow you to cast more creatures or help spells in Main Phase 2.

It may not be a $10 Rare, but its play value is high enough I think it'd be worth a few bucks just to try it out and see if it helps.

And finally, our latest (and dare I say, for this set the greatest) Planeswalker...

THE HINT: A Planeswalker that can become a creature?


 Here's one of the fun parts of this Planeswalker...he has no Ultimate Ability! ... Or I guess you could call his last ability a "free Ultimate", but when I think "Ultimate" I think "remove a near-ungodly amount of Loyalty Counters for a massive effect!" So this is the one new thing about Planeswalker design in general: They don't all have to have an "Ultimate Ability", or at least in the way we normally think of them.

The other new thing is also tied into the final ability.


We've never had a Planeswalker that could become a creature.

But let's save the best for last, shall we? There are two more abilities on him.

His "+2" is effectively a mass-effect Lure that draws all attacks onto Gideon. If you're in a 1-on-1 game and need to break through someone's non-Defender defenses, activate this, have them all attack Gideon, and next turn just strike for the win!

His "-2" ability can work with his "+2" ability: Literally, it's Royal Assassin's ability on a Planeswalker. One turn, use his "+2" to force their creatures to attack (like maybe Fog?), then if he survives remove 2 counters next turn to destroy their biggest threat that attacked.

The kicker, though, his is final ability.

+/- 0: Until end of turn, Gideon Jura becomes a 6/6 Human Soldier that's still a planeswalker. Prevent all damage that would be dealt to him this turn."


Seriously? This effectively makes him a a 5-mana 6/6 that can't be damaged and is saved from most destruction spells?

But here's the other "upside" to having him attack: He doesn't lose loyalty counters!


Normally Planeswalkers lose Loyalty Counters by taking damage (CR 306.8). Instead, he prevents all damage. Thus, he loses no Loyalty Counters by attacking (or taking burn damage, etc. while he's a creature due to his last ability).

So he's a good Planeswalker, at Mythic Rare, and is already being "drafted" into U/W decks everywhere. Expect the price to be high high high during the first few weeks.

That's all from me on this matter! Tune in Monday when I start catching back up on a regular basis with my next The Magic School. Until then, take care and enjoy Rise of the Eldrazi spoiler season!

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