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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

We Can Haz a Draft and Promo Giveaway

I got everything!

I got our 2 booster boxes of Rise of the Eldrazi.
I got our promo Emrakul, the Aeons Torn for a Promo Giveaway (see the post below this for details).

And in case anyone doesn't believe me...or just wants to see the actual booster boxes and promo...

See ya Saturday for our "Release" Rise of the Eldrazi draft! :)

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  1. Heya - my name's Morgan Hardy, and I run a card shop called Organized Play in downtown Knoxville. Ya'll should give me a ring - 865-521-0690 - and I'll be happy to send some promos down your way. I'm an advanced Tournament Org, so I usually get a few more than I can use. Also, I try to benchmark my prices on cards/etc to Star City, so if you've got any needs there, I can do that as well.