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We're a local unofficial Magic gathering group in Hixson, TN.

Friday, April 30, 2010

We Can Haz Sponsors!!!11!!1!

 It's our lucky day!

When I started the blog, I was mainly expecting it to just be a place to update just the local players about what's going on in the upcoming weeks. It works better than E-mail because I can include pictures and video to better show what I'm trying to get across.

The secondary goal was to get people from the internet to take notice of a small group in Hixson looking to expand its numbers.

That secondary goal is now a reality.

I'd like to welcome Organized Play in Knoxville, TN as an unofficial sponsor (I guess?) of Saturday Morning Magic!

The owner of Organized Play, Morgan Hardy, found this blog via a post I made on the MTGSalvation message boards. He read about our Rise of the Eldrazi "Release" Draft and wanted to pitch in and help...at no charge!

So what has his generosity helped us afford? How about...

10x copies of the Launch Party promo Lord of Shatterskull Pass! (which should mean one for everyone, but it's a first-come, first-served basis if we get more than my expected number of players)

3x additional copies of the Prerelease promo Emrakul, the Aeons Torn!

1x new promotional Planechase plane! (for use in any future Planechase format play only) (I'm not sure which one this is, so we'll be surprised!)

And finally... a box of promotional half-decks on the off chance we get any new-to-MTG players in.

Guys, I'm really looking forward to potentially having an ally in Knoxville who can help us up our numbers over the next few months...and hopefully longer. But this is only the first step toward getting our image more out and available. Let's hope we can keep this up and get some serious gaming going once again and return Saturday Morning Magic to its former glory!  :)

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