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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Schedule Update into May

24th: VINTAGE PROXY TOURNAMENT; Follow the Vintage banned/restricted list when building your decks, but you'll be allowed to use up to 9 proxies. More details in the post below this.

1st: Rise of the Eldrazi Draft. I'm looking at having only 2 boxes of ROE available, but if I get overwhelmed with demand I can buy another box. Just come back the week after I E-mail you I've got your order if that happens. SUBJECT TO CHANGE DEPENDING ON FUTURE SCHEDULING
8th: Back-up Date: Rise of the Eldrazi Draft
15th: TBD
22nd: TBD
29th: TBD

The Rise of the Eldrazi Draft will be 3 packs of Rise of the Eldrazi with normal draft rules.

For those who haven't drafted before, we've got a few changes compared to normal drafting:
1) Write down every Rare and foil in your pack when you open your packs.
2) The Rares and foils will go to the prize pool at the end of the tournament except the one Rare/foil you choose to keep. If you don't keep a Rare/foil, you'll get priority in picking one of the remaining Rares until everyone has 1 Rare/foil. Starting with the second Rare/foil picks, we go in order of finishing order.

Price is $8: $7.50 for 3x packs, plus $.50 toward extra prize packs.

We need at least one tournament idea for May as well as a date for it. Any ideas? Post a reply here. I'm open to any ideas!

We hope to see you for the Vintage Tournament Saturday!

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